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In the middle of the year 2001, Expodelta begins operations in the marketing of asphalt, in its different presentations: these are AP-3 with presentations from 60 – 70 - 85 - 100 and 250 - RC. Expodelta is a subsidiary company of Vepamil S.A. and it was created with the only aim of marketing asphalt, which was signed with Petrocomercial the respective distribution agreement in June 2001.

Our company guarantees quantity and quality that is why it has been installed a complete laboratory in Esmeraldas that performs the following tests: penetration, softening point and flash point. All the products you ship are covered with an insurance policy that covers any eventuality that might occur in the transportation process.

We currently represent the 38% of the national market and our main clients are: The Provincial Government, the Provincial Council of the Cotopaxi, Guayas Provincial Council, Ministry of Public Works from El Oro, Ministry of Public Works, Construction Verdú, Concrete and Prefabricated, the Army Corps of Engineers, among others.

GROUP VEPAMIL | Guayaquil, Ecuador

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