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"Vepamil S.A. started its commercial activity in 1993, with the representation of Mobil™ for the distribution of lubricants for the Industrial and the Marine Sector. In 1994, it was gotten the Representation of 3M for the Industrial, Commercial and Power sectors.

In the year 1994, Vepamil S.A. started getting into the business of fuel such as Mobil distributor to meet industrial demand in the country. Then by Decree No. 347 it was approved the creation of dealers and at the beginning of 1995 Vepamil created its own network of distribution of fuel, signing a contract directly with Petroecuador. In March 1998 we expanded our sales of fuel to the Fisheries Sector and all types of industry."


The Vepamil Group is constituted as the first choice for our clients in their decision to meet the needs of the industry; this fact is a result of the high degree of reliability in our organization achieving the competence of our staff, the effectiveness of our operation, the excellence of our customer service and continuous improvement.


To be market leaders in the different branches of business in which the Group Vepamil, always focused on the service and our customer service.


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GROUP VEPAMIL | Guayaquil, Ecuador

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