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Production and delivery of high-quality concrete with technology and international standards.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industrial sector of Ecuador, the VEPAMIL continues to innovate and expand its services to the construction sector, offering through HORMICOM C.A. a solid alternative in the production and delivery of high-quality concrete with technology and international standards with the aim of improving the service and distribution to the construction sector of the country.

Vision: Solidificarnos as the alternative of success in construction projects, with an efficient service delivery of concrete designed to suit the needs of our customers.

Mission: To lead the Industrial sector of concrete with quality, agility, timeliness, efficiency and friendly technology to the environment.

HORMICOM with mark and trade name HormiRock was born with the purpose to fill in the growing demand of concrete in Guayaquil, it was created with the most advanced European technology and international standards, starting in the careful selection of raw materials, and its transportation in modern equipment to our plant, the required preparations of designs made in our laboratory with state of the art technology, as well as resistance tests are carried out according to the specific needs, up to the safe transportation of the product in modern concrete mixers monitored by satellite so finally take to our customers the concrete required, on time.


It was designed and built by the company Baryval of Spain, worldwide known for its expertise in installation of concrete mixers with highly efficient designs and for its ongoing technological innovation.


Complete fleet of 12 Mixers with the capacity of 8m3, they are equipped with a GPS system that allows us to monitor the on-time delivery to our customers.


With European technology, we have 3 stationary pumps that are responsible for conducting the downloading and transporting of concrete from the mixer to the point of release, we have the 5" pipes and hoses of 3" and 5",, they are necessary for all types of works, with a capacity of more than 100m of height for vertical pumps.


A complete analysis of computerized equipment enables our technicians to create specific blends more efficient, hardening and breakage of cylinder to monitor resistance with immediate results.


With a capacity of 18m3, are responsible for the transport of sand washed and classified as well as the stone of 19mm and 12mm.


They are the specialized vehicles in the transport of cement, the main input material for the elaboration of the concrete, we have our own transport equipment for a greater control.

Major Clients / WORKS

- Inmomariuxi C.A.
- Sevilla, and Martínez Semaica Engineers C.A.
- General Foundations and Port Works Ciport S.A
- Meisterblue Cia. Ltda. (Urb. The Jewel and Urb. Villa del Rey)
- Incach S.A. Construction Company
- Vargas Torres
- Samborondon county.
- Minutocorp S.A.
- G.A.G.A Constructions (Paving coming into to the Cortijo)
- Celestial Corporation S.A. (Urb. Heavenly City)
- Salcedo International Intersal S.A. (Urb. Costalmar)
- Alfaredes Consortium and Partners
- Construvalero-Constanti Consortium
- Wander Constructions (Edf. Sports Club Diana Quintana)
- Pacific S.A. Metripacif Metric (Urb. Blue Bay - Mocoli Island)
- Constagi S.A. (Cemetery Peace Park - Easter)
- Packing Granmar Group S.A
- Ausprice S.A. (Urb. La Rioja)
- Arkitrust S.A.

GROUP VEPAMIL | Guayaquil, Ecuador

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