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What grades of fuel are there available in Ecuador?

We can deliver any grade of fuel, and regular MGO


Do you offer products with low sulfur content?

The fuel oil produced by EpPetroecuador is in the range of 1.4 - 1.7% sulphur, while the MGO range lies between 0.2 and 0.4% sulphur.


At which ports can Oceanbat supply bunkers?

Oceanbat can supply bunkers at all Ecuadorian ports, such as: Guayaquil, La Libertad (for "bunkers only”), Manta, Puerto Bolívar, Esmeraldas and Punta Arenas.


Does Oceanbat comply with all standard procedures to deal with bunkers?

Yes, our company complies with the requirements of international standards required by our clients.


What are the delivery methods in Ecuador?

Delivery method is exclusively via tanker vessels. We have a reduced fee for deliveries of smaller quantities of MGO at Guayaquil.

GROUP VEPAMIL | Guayaquil, Ecuador

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