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Products and Services / Bunker Process


Oceanbat S.A. is characterised by offering a differentiated service in the supply of bunkers to international ships calling in Ecuadorian ports. Our diverse customer data base includes operators, ship owners, brokers, traders and other end users. We can offer any degree of marine fuel based on the clients´requirements since we carry out the blending on board our ships. Among the main products available and delivered by our tanker vessels, comprise the following:

- IFO500
- IFO380
- IFO180

In addition, we can supply MGO orders at Guayaquil with our 15.000-gallon clean barge.

- Safety Material Data Sheet, DIESEL (Gas Oil) (view PDF)
- Safety Material Data Sheet, MARINE FUEL OIL (view PDF)



GROUP VEPAMIL | Guayaquil, Ecuador

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