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Comercialización de Combustibles.


The fuel supply programming according to the consumption declared by the cadastre to the ARCH and the storage capacity of fuel at the point of operation of the industry, achieving in this way to keep the stock of storage available to operate.


Selection of an exclusive fleet of transport fuel from the different terminals, addresses only to the supply of the industry.

Vepamil S.A. guarantees that the product placed in the storage tanks of the industrial is the same dispatched by Petrocomercial with the following parameters:


Tankers checking into the terminals of Petrocomercial, through a sample of the time of delivered fuel to the tankers before leaving premisses.


Obtaining API degrees and temperature of the product through thermo hydrometers at the exit of the terminal of Petrocomercial.


Asesoría técnica ne la aplicación de sistemas de control de contaminantes y agua al combustible que trae el tanquero antes de ingresarlo a los antes de almacenamiento de los clientes.


Checking the fuel storage tanks in order to suggest if they are in a position to continue operating.

Vepamil S.A. guarantees that the quantity delivered on Petrocomercial by automatic counter is the same that arrives in their facilities according to the following parameters.


Check at the end of the load on Petrocomercial that the volume received by messure the tanker is the same that marks the release in the terminal.


Placement of security seals by the inspector of VEPAMIL S.A. to discharge valves of the tanker that carries the product.


To set a system of settlement at the same moment of receiving the fuel, depending on the client’s equipment availability.


Random safe-keeping of tankers from the terminals of supplies to the facilities from different customers.


To delivery to the receiving operator, and create a procedure in which focuses strictly control in the parameters of amount of hydrocarbon.

Vepamil S.A. has a technical department dedicated to provide the support required in the following fields:


To gather information in the reception areas and fuel consumption, specifying pumps and counters that are used for the control of the same.


To determine the operation of the fuel storage tanks when it is necesssary.


To train of the fuel operating staff in the main workshop or different points of operation in the industry.


Technical support in the inventory control through good management of a kardex.

Insurance RC:
The company has got an insurance policy in favor of all customers with a value of 1'500.00, 00 USD to cover possible damage by pollution, sudden and accidental pollution, land, work, operations, and damage to the environment.


Environmental License:
We have an environmental license for the marketing of liquid fuel for the industrial sector, shrimp and national shipping, located in the province of Guayas.


We have an enrollment of port operator of services related to the provisioning service of fuels by car tanks.

GROUP VEPAMIL | Guayaquil, Ecuador

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