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Insumos Industriales

7500 Series 3M Breathers


Breathers 3M® 7500 Series, are reusable parts with replaceable components through the system of special connection of 3M®. It has a slider that allows carrying them hanging when they are not in use (Drop Down). They are manufactured in a highly flexible silicone elastomer which exerts low pressure on the face and reduces the voltage in the area of the nose down the tight band at the head. Patented valve for easier breathing while reducing heat and moisture build-up in the inside of the mask. Depending on the number of activated carbon filters this respirator can provide breathing protection against particles, organic vapors, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and metilaminas.

3M™ earmuffs PELTOR™ X4


Protection, comfort and design are the fundamental pillars for our product development program. The series of 3M™ Headsets Peltor™ X are based on innovative techniques of never-before-seen attenuation with a streamlined design.

3M™ Helmet, with 4-Point Ratchet Suspension H-700


CComfortable helmet with Ratchet suspension of 4 points and pad cushioning for the forhead that absorbs moisture. Available in several colors. Complies with the requirements of ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009 Type 1, Class C, G and E.




- Comfortable Adjustable Suspension of Ratchet.
- Slots to use accessories (eye protection, facial and/or auditory).
- Manufactured in high density polyethylene for maximum protection. - Suspension of woven nylon with pad of padded protection and replaceable.
- Compact, Lightweight Design.
- Variety of colors: 10 colors available.
- short visor for better upward visibility.
- Can be used in the inverted position.
- Resistant to rain.
- It has a comfortable and adjustable harness with ratchet.
- You can install a belt of protection (chin strap) to the chin.

8210 Breather


The disposable breather 3M 8210 provides an effective, comfortable and hygienic respiratory protection against dusts and liquid particles without oil.
Its convex shape, the design of the pre-stretch elastic bands, the sealing foam and aluminum clip for the adjustment to the nose, ensure an excellent seal adapting to a wide range of face sizes.
adapting to a wide range of face sizes. It has a advanced electrostatic filter medium that allows greater filter efficiency with lower pressure drop.
Approves regulations of NIOSH N95

Disposable suit 3M 4510


The Disposable suit 3M 4510 is designed to help protect against certain splash of liquids (type 6) and hazardous powders (type 5). with CE approval under the directive of items of personal protective equipment (89/686/ECC), Category III



Eye protection googles against particles and UV radiation. It was developed thinking in your protection, comfort and style. Sporty design, lightweight, flexible and resistant. It is used in construction, manufacturing, and work in constant movement in internal and external spaces. It offers UV protection to 99%.

KLEENGUARD* G10 Blue Nitrile


FDA-approved gloves, thin blue nitrile gloves that provide excellent performance and are latex-free. Ideal for food handling, pharmaceutical process, general use with the utmost skill. Box 100 units.



The cleaning cloths WYPALL* X-80 are reusable cloths, ultra-absorbent and resistant manufactured with the exclusive technology of hydroknit. It provides high absorption of solvents, chemicals, and grease, ideal for manufacturing and heavy work.


More information: www.kcprofessional.com.ec



Grand Comfort, glove chemical resistant to a wide range of applications


• Available in many lengths, thicknesses, sizes and linings, the nitrile glove Sol-Vex® Ansell offers optimal results in both dry and wet environment where it is crucial a great chemical resistance. Fully reusable and with an unmatched resistance to abrasion, offers a great comfort to the user.
• The nitrile gloves, Sol-Vex® are the ideal choice for A safe handling in a wide range of working environments with hazardous chemicals.
• The version without lining does not loose lint-free cloth, avoiding the risk of contamination and promoting its use in production areas that are sensible to the introduction of external impurities.
• The finishing touch in inverted diamonds further enhances the grip levels.
• The soft sand finishing touch gives the glove a smooth surface that has an impact on the reduction of indirect costs to contribute to a lower rejection in the production of fragile components.



Nitrile coating on jersey lining


• A robust glove for heavy activities: three times more durable than the most resistance leather gloves.
• Nitrile formula exclusive Ansell. It provides exceptional resistance to sharp objects and abrasive.
• More resistant and more flexible than the PVC. It is very resistant to penetration of grease or oil. It does not deteriorate as the leather or cotton.
• Manufactured without silicones. Cleaning warranty for metallurgy and automotive industry.
• Complete range of styles, lengths and sizes, you'll always find the ideal combination of characteristics for each application.


See catalogs: Corporate Travel Guide and Travel Guide of APS Products


Eyewash of Gravity




It is a high visibility yellow polyethylene; two handles for transport; operating and maintenance instructions in the front graphics.


Portable Eyewash
Sprinklers of ABS plastic closed and incorporated into a tray with drainage, with double stream of water not harmful to 0.4 gpm (1.5 lpm).




• 38 lbs (62.6 kg) filled in for 15 minutes
• 19 lbs (8.61 kg), Vacuum
• Industrial Yellow Color, power non-injurious 15 minutes minimum
• 01104050 - English Version
• 01104050C - English/French Canadian Version
• 01104050S - English Version
• Auto-Content Container: Polycarbonate Mounting Plate
• Operation: Gravity Feed
• Certifications: ANSI 358.1

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