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Dealers of Fuel, distribuitors of Lubricant and industrial inputs.


Following the "mission" of our company "Provide every Ecuadorian Industry’s requests" Vepamil S.A. undertook an analysis that could provide to the Ecuadorian industry besides fuel and lubricants that were already part of our line of business. We are looking for a brand that has a very large range of products that you will be able to meet and address the needs of our industry and we did not find a best brand that 3M.

3M, world leader in a wide variety of technology, has more than 65,000 products for different markets. Between the main lines of business are the following: Packaging, Industrial Safety, Signage, Automotive, Construction, Medical, Consumer Goods, Adhesives, abrasives, Flexography, Personal Care.

In 1994 Vepamil S.A. obtained the representation of 3M in our country, becoming since 2003 in the business leader of sales of this brand in the country.

In addition looking for our constant development in providing solutions to the requirements of the industry, in the year 2003 we got the distribution of industrial products of the prestigious brand Ansell, with products such as industrial, surgical gloves, caps, raincoats and other products to meet the needs in the industry. In 2015 it was incorporated a new line of business of ACDelco refrigerants and chemicals in a national level in our line of chemical products. ACDelco provides:


• Relief, because we ensure the optimal operation of your vehicle.
• Confidence that you are getting the best option.
• Superior quality, high durability for the reliability of their input materials.




Comercialización de Combustibles. Distribuidor de productos 3M e Insumos Industriales, Químicos y Refrigerantes de AC Delco.


GROUP VEPAMIL | Guayaquil, Ecuador

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